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▓eir parents never talk about their job and more than 25 pe▓rcent never talk about how to manage money, it said.Rana Flowers, China's representative to UNICEF, stressed the i▓mportance of children's participation i▓n aspects other than just school, which help cultivate children's skills such as teamwork, communication

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and analyzing and solving▓ problems."Children do not suddenly become resp

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onsible, participating adults at the age o▓f 18 or 21," she said. "Without these, ▓the children of today will not succeed in the jobs of tomorrow."Other statistics also shed l▓ight on the academic pressure of Chin▓ese schoolchildren.According to a 2015 survey conducted

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by Afanti锛峚n online learning app锛峮early half of school-age children in China spent an average of ▓three hours on homework each day, four▓ times of their counterparts in Japan and six times those in South Korea.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNothing can be more heartbrea

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king for a family than when th▓eir child goes missing.China Breakthroughs: New technologies give hope to missing children's familiesChina ▓Breakthroughs: New technologies give hope to ▓missing children's families10-30-2017 11:24 BJT▓Nothing can be mo

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re heartbreaking for a family than when their child goes missing. At f▓irst, they could be in denial assuming their loved one is temporarily lost and expect to▓ find them soon. B

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ut as the minutes tick by and an hour or two later, the parents begin to panic.▓They realize it's no longer a joke as ▓they may have

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thought the child was just hiding to ▓be naughty. And the longer it takes to recover the child,▓ the more unlikely the kid can return safely home.Here's where every moment counts, a time for action or risk losing the child, perhaps for the rest o▓f their lives. They must alert the peo▓ple nearby and issue out a publ

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ic appeal; but if the child was abducted by a to▓tal stranger then more should be done than just to cond▓uct a search.'Amber A

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